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22 12, 2015

4 Motorcycle Maintenance Tips For Beginners

By Team WayWheels | Founder | December 22th, 2015 | Self | 0 Comments

There’s no better feeling than riding a motorcycle and hitting the open road on a warm sunny day with the wind in your hair. Bike maintenance becomes even more important for the people who live riding but don’t have the technical know-how. It can be quite a headache sometime especially when you have to take your bike to a repair shop. So that’s why WayWheels bring you some tips for the beginners in bike maintanence.

1) Oil changing - Scheduled oil changes—of the right oil—are the best way to make your engine last. Every motorcycle engine has lots of hard parts that move around at frantic speeds. And the only thing that keeps them from grinding themselves into metal filings is a thin layer of quality oil. When oil breaks down, it can't do a quality job. More friction leads to more grinding and eventually – breakdowns. So change it often, even more often if you ride in dirty or dusty environments.

What kind of oil should you use? It depends on the bike and it is best if you enquire from the retailer or manager on recommendations about what viscosity, specification (car or motorcycle) or type (conventional or synthetic) of motor oil is best.

2) Air Filter Cleaning - What goes in your motorcycle doesn't always come out. And a lot of what goes in passes through your air filter.That means if your air filter isn't clean, or, in some cases, properly oiled, you could be cutting off airflow to the cylinders and even allowing in foreign abrasives (dirt, dust or worse), where they can grind away at your valves, internal bearings and cylinders. So do yourself a favor. And if you ride in particularly dusty or dirty environments, clean or replace the filter more often.

3) Grease your bearings - bikes need a healthy slathering of grease in areas such as the steering-head bearings and suspension linkages and need to keep their bikes lubricated, too. While the sealed bearings on modern bikes are relatively maintenance free, exposed areas such as suspension linkages need routine care.Even if you grease religiously, the time will come when you'll have to replace key bearings. So check them periodically.

You can test your steering stem bearings by raising the front wheel off the ground with a stand. If you feel any creakiness when you turn the handlebars, or notice any play when you push on the fork back and forth, replace the bearings.
Likewise, if you feel any play around the front or rear axle, the wheel bearings need to be replaced immediately. The scary thing about bearings is that when they start to go, they go fast—sometimes with catastrophic results. Never put off replacing a bad bearing.Also in the lubrication category, many bolts benefit from a bit of anti-seize coating when re-installed.

4) Motorcycle's tires - Because motorcycles sit for long stretches during cold or inclement weather, WayWheelsrecommends checking your motorcycle tires before each ride.Dry rotting and cracking of the tire is something that can be seen on many motorcycles that are older but have low miles and great tread. These conditions can cause a blowout and, on a bike, that can be disastrous. Because motorcycles typically have different-sized front and back tires, it's not necessary to rotate them.

In addition to these tips we advise that for people who have just started doing bike maintenance to add a torch, tyre repair kit, small can of lube, fuses, tape, hose clamps and small compressor under your seat, as road side maintenance must-haves.

We also advise people to carry out as much maintenance on your bike yourself, you don’t know what will go wrong and when, accidents or breakdowns can happen anywhere and you don’t even know what is around the next corner.So knowing how to take care of your bike will help you in such a situation. Last but not least, always pay attention to how your bike feels, you know it better than anyone and can easily feel the chain slackening or tyre losing pressure. So Be careful and Remember to take care of your bike

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